For more than 20 years, DOITNOW Event&Exhibition is dedicated to deliver the most effective global brand communication services, including:

  • Creative booth design, construction and full range of services during exhibition period
  • Corporate showroom design and construction
  • Digital and multimedia marketing
  • Conference event, product release
  • Tailored exhibition services to client’s need

DOITNOW E&E   is composed of a team of experienced and creative designers, working closely with our engineer team to ensure safety rules and quality control. The meticulous executive team follow each project closely to provide the smoothest experience for the exhibitors.
We provide our customers with high quality services globally. Regardless where your business takes you, we will always be there to fulfill all your needs, especially in dealing with international super large booths, in which we have a great wealth of experience and execution capabilities.
By choosing DOITNOW Event&Exhibition, you ensure yourself and your company with the peace of mind of choosing a reliable and trusted partner for a successful project.